WAREHAM — A Wareham couple faces drug charges for the third time in five months, and won't be sneak-ing away anytime soon.

On Monday, at approximately 11:30 a.m., Wareham Police detectives executed a search warrant for illegal narcotics at the home of 31-year-old Mario Ogletree and 28-year-old Christine Quinn, located at 2 Cranberry Lane in Wareham.

Police say the search warrant was the culmination of a weeks-long investigation regarding sales of heroin from the address by Ogletree and Quinn, both of whom are currently on bail related to charges stemming from previous criminal drug charges.

At the time of entry into the home, Quinn attempted to run from officers, while Ogletree was located in his bedroom and briefly struggled with detectives while attempting to conceal drugs. During the struggle, Ogletree dropped four plastic bags containing heroin, before being placed into custody.

With assistance provided by narcotics detection trained K-9 units from the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Department and the Mass. Dept. of Corrections, a large amount of narcotics and related paraphernalia was found in Ogletree’s bedroom, along with approximately $4,500 cash found in various locations throughout the room. Over 38 grams of heroin, five grams of cocaine, Suboxone strips, and approximately 40 unidentified pills were recovered throughout the room, along with “cutting” agents, plastic bags, cell phones, and a digital scale that was located in Ogletree’s vehicle.

Also seized during the execution of the search warrant were over 260 pairs of men’s and women’s sneakers and shoes, most of which were new, or collector’s items. At this time, detectives estimate the shoe collection to be worth approximately $50,000.

Courtesy Wareham Police
Courtesy Wareham Police

Both were arrested at the scene and charged with trafficking heroin over 36 grams; possession of a Class B substance with intent to distribute (cocaine); possession of a Class B substance (Suboxone); possession of a Class C substance (clonazepam); and possession of a Class E substance with intent to distribute (amphetamine). Ogletree was also charged with resisting arrest. They were scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday in Wareham District Court.

The two were arrested back in April on multiple drug charges after police saw Quinn driving when she was known to have a revoked license. She pulled into Ogletree's residence and ran into the house, leaving cocaine in the car. She refused to allow police to enter the house, and Ogletree attempted to block police from entering the residence. Police then obtained a search warrant and found cocaine residue and suboxone in a bathroom, along with hypodermic needles and empty baggies. They also located a purse, owned by Quinn, with several amphetamine and Xanax pills. Buprenorphine pills were also found in the house.

Then just a few weeks later in May, after another months-long investigation, police found about 308 grams of heroin inside a piece of PVC pipe in a wooded area known for hiding drugs that were packaged and ready to be sold. Police then searched Quinn's Ladd Avenue home on a warrant, finding 20 more grams of heroin and assorted drug paraphernalia, and over $17,000 in cash. The drugs were believed to have a street value of about $30,000. Ogletree and Quinn also had several hundred dollars in their possession at the time of their arrests. Police seized Ogletree's 2013 Nissan Altima as part of the investigation. The two were charged with trafficking over 200 grams heroin/morphine/opium, and conspiracy to violate drug laws.

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