Colin Sievers was out walking the family dogs on Thursday afternoon when he noticed something odd blowing around on the Fairhaven street.

The wind had kicked up what looked like cash. When he got closer, he realized that he was right. It was, indeed, loose cash just floating down his street. He quickly collected the $80 and brought the dogs back home.

When he got back to the scene, he quickly found another $20.

When he went out later he found another $40 in one spot and an additional $20 in another spot. It was like it was raining cash.

Sievers spotted an old man outside in his yard and asked him if he had lost the money.  The old man said the money wasn't his, but that he'd take $40 of the $60 the boy had in his hand. By the end of the excursion, the teen had $120 sitting on his kitchen table.

"We don't know if somebody might have lost $300 or $400," Sievers' father Andrew Sievers said. "It was a pretty windy day. We assume that somebody lost a whole lot more than what was found."

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The boy and his parents are hoping to get the cash back in the hands of its rightful owner. If you believe the money is yours, the Sievers say that you can call them at (978) 689-5725.

Andrew Sievers said the fact that his son wants to give the money back to the person does not surprise him in the least.

"I would hope that most kids would want to find the owner when we're talking about that much money. It's not like finding a $5 bill. This could be a part of someone's lost rent money."

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