Wareham Police arrested a couple on drug charges Thursday after spotting the woman, known to have a revoked driver's license, operating a vehicle while her boyfriend followed her in another vehicle.

The two vehicles pulled into the Wareham residence of the male, 30-year-old Mario Ogletree, while the female, 28-year-old Christine Quinn of Wareham, remained in the vehicle she was operating. She was observed trying to quickly move from the passenger's seat to the driver's seat, leaving a women's purse and a plastic baggie containing suspected cocaine on the driver's seat. She refused to open the car door for police, and then grabbed the plastic baggie and ran for the house.

Ogletree, who had already entered the residence, attempted to block police from entering and locked the door.

Police then obtained and executed a search warrant, and found cocaine residue and suboxone in a bathroom, along with hypodermic needles and empty baggies. They also located the purse, owned by Quinn, with several amphetamine and Xanax pills. Buprenorphine pills were also found in the house.

The couple was arraigned Friday on multiple charges in Wareham District Court.


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