The “Blue Goo Bandits” have struck again in Wareham.

For the third year in a row, porta-potties have been vandalized on a town beach, although this time it was a different beach than in the past two years.

On Wednesday, August 10, the Wareham Department of Natural Resources posted on its Facebook page that the “Blue Goo Bandits” had struck again, toppling a porta-potty at Little Harbor Beach. They earned their nickname because of the “blue goo” found in porta-potties that is part deodorizer, part disinfectant and is spilled out when they are toppled over.

This time, though, another substance from inside the portable toilet was spread all around.

“We are unaware of any chili festivals at Little Harbor Beach recently so it’s been determined to be a deliberate act of vandalism,” the Wareham DNR post read.

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The “Blue Goo Bandits” have struck previously in 2020 and 2021, toppling over porta-potties and spilling their contents, including human feces. The DNR has used humor to gain attention for the posts, stating things like “this was not the result of spicy food” and using the hashtag #stopthetopple.

“We try to put a funny spin on it to gain some awareness of some of the abuse town properties do take throughout the year but this really isn’t a laughing matter,” Wareham DNR Director Garry Buckminster told WBSM. “The waste product does make its way out of the containment and being close to the shoreline, where harvestable shellfish is present, as well as people usually walking barefoot. It’s not only gross but could potentially create a bacteria issue and close the beach for bathing as well as shellfishing.”

Buckminster said it wouldn’t take much seeping out of the porta-potty to create an environmental issue.

“Water quality sampling for bathing and shellfish are some of the strictest testing procedures in the state, so the smallest fluctuation of bacteria levels can have some significant impacts,” he said.

The “Blue Goo Bandits” first struck in July of 2020, toppling the Swifts Beach and Swifts Neck porta-potties four times in a single week.

Wareham Department of Natural Resources via Facebook
Wareham Department of Natural Resources via Facebook

Then in July 2021, they set a porta-potty on fire at Swifts Beach.

Wareham Department of Natural Resources via Facebook
Wareham Department of Natural Resources via Facebook

As it turns out, the “Blue Goo Bandits” are just part of the overall vandalism to the beach porta-potties in Wareham and Onset over the years.

“We’ve had numerous issues over the years from cars driving through them to being blown up with fireworks, and lit on fire,” Buckminster said. “Fortunately, the town purchased the insurance paid for by the taxpayer, (but) it does still impact the business with having to replace them.”

Buckminster said it is also being handled as a criminal matter and not just a prank.

“Should the Blue Goo Bandits be caught blue handed, we will be more than happy to charge them with the destruction of property,” he said.

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