WAREHAM — Wareham Police arrested a woman recently after allegedly stealing for than $1,200 worth of goods from Lowe’s over separate visits.

On Friday, February 19, at about 11:40 a.m. Officers Jennifer Braley and Calib Larue arrested Mattison Nikolov, 35, of Wareham, at Lowe’s for shoplifting.

It is suspected that she put tools in an empty trash barrel and scanned the barrel; however, she did not scan the tools. She was stopped by loss prevention personnel and it was determined that $729 worth of items had not been scanned.

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After the arrest was made, the two officers began to investigate the case further. With the assistance of loss prevention staff, it is believed that Nikolov had been in the store on two dates since January 27, and each time had shoplifted items.

The total value of the items stolen on those dates was over $1,200. She is facing two new additional charges of shoplifting over $250.

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