Your eyes are not only like sentinels, occupying the highest place on your body, but can see into your future, detecting early evidence of high blood pressure or diabetes! More than just an annual check up for 20/20 vision, your eye doctor is trained to look for early stages of hypertension and diabetes, just by looking for early warning signs inside your eyes.

Doctors can catch early signs of serious health problems by studying the back of the eye. Plus, we don't realize it because we get accustomed to it, but our eyesight doesn't perform the same year after year. Even though you can have 20/20 vision for some time, annual eye exams will find signs of nearsightedness and other eye changes before they occur.

Your driving, especially at night with headlights glaring, your reading and computer use could suffer. A yearly visit to the eye doctor can lower the number of preventable car accidents. So, even if you think your invincible eyes will always be 20/20, and even if you think you're in good health, your annual eye exam is as important for your sight as it is for your overall medical health.

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