If you're over 45, you've reached the age that most of us start having difficulty seeing up close or in the distance. With that in mind, I made a very interesting discovery recently that I want to share with you. I'm not dispensing any medical advice here, I'm just going to tell you my story.

A good friend, who has made a career in the health services, heard me complain that while driving, I'm not seeing signs up ahead as clearly as they were before. She advised me to try inexpensive, +1 low-power reading glasses with a blue light blocker. It turned out to be a $10 purchase that has helped improve my vision on the road with better focus and clarity.

Ocean State Job Lot is famous for bargains, especially their selection of $2.99 readers. Granted, those readers usually don't have a blue light blocker, but I can still use these low-power readers for driving on the highway.

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To explain blue light in simple terms, it's a color on the light spectrum that produces high amounts of energy. Blue light energy is everywhere in our world, but exposure to it causes eye fatigue, headaches and sleeplessness. Anyone who works around a computer, digital screen, laptop, TV, smartphone, tablet or gaming device is subject to impacted blurry vision.

I asked my ophthalmologist if these readers were harmful in any way, and I was doubly assured that reading glasses are perfectly safe and will not damage my vision.

My eyesight has changed as I get older. It's getting a little harder to read street or traffic signs, and that's during the day. At night, it's more difficult to see things clearly, and the glare from oncoming headlights bothers me lately. That's why Celeste is driving me around more and more.

We all age differently, but I wanted you to know about this inexpensive and temporary fix that I've found useful. Let me know what you think.

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