A Fluffernutter is a local classic! One of the perks of owning a neighborhood diner was getting bizarre requests for uncommon sandwiches that tasted astonishingly delicious!

A trucker from Indiana loved his BLT with peanut butter spread on both pieces of the toast. I've always enjoyed peanut butter with homemade apple butter. Our daughter, Andrea, lived on peanut butter and pickle sandwiches! Some customers requested peanut butter and Lucky Charms or peanut butter and Cocoa Puffs on toasted white.

Unique to the SouthCoast is the famous 'chow mein' sandwich on an open burger bun. My friends who own butcher shops would gather all the scraps and trimmings from the deli meats and cheeses sliced that day, add a little mayo to hold the mix together, and serve the notable concoction on a torpedo roll.

For something unexpectedly appetizing, take left over spaghetti and build a nice tasting luncheon sandwich on garlic bread. Add some grated cheese and enjoy! I've always enjoyed grilled sausage with marmalade or maple syrup as a toasted breakfast sandwich. Cream cheese and fruit between toasted banana bread is also one of my favorites. How about you? Share your favorite uncommon sandwich with us!

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