The University of Massachusetts owes police officers, including it's own police force, an apology for flying a “Black Lives Matter” flag at it's Dartmouth campus.

Interim Chancellor Randy Helm says the school does not endorse all of BLM's views, which include killing cops, but says he hopes flying the flag will, “encourage civil and respectful dialogue at a time of deep divisions in our country.” Sorry, there can be no dialogue with a group of thugs calling for executing police officers. By hanging the group's banner on your flag pole you are, by extension, endorsing what they stand for. Chancellor Helm says, “In the aftermath of the recent presidential election, our nation has seen a sharp increase in hate crimes and violence against people of color.” I challenge Helm to document his claim with proof. He cannot because it is fiction. It is in fact BLM that has offered up an endless diet of divisiveness, threats and violence.

UMD is a public college, funded with taxpayer money and with the tuition we pay for our kids to go there. I am outraged to think that our money is being used to fund a university that thinks that legitimizing a hate group that is bent on killing cops is a good thing.

Our policemen and women do an extraordinary job daily and deserve more respect than Chancellor Helm and his Council On Diversity And Inclusion have shown them. The university has no current plan to make good for this slight by flying the “thin blue line” flag honoring our police and I am told that only a student can request that a flag be displayed. Good luck with that. Helm and our regional legislative delegation have refused to talk to WBSM about the flag flap and that certainly shows a lack of courage and leadership.

Should Chancellor Helm choose to apologize, which I doubt that he will, he should follow it up with his resignation.

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