UMass Dartmouth Professor Brian Glyn Williams doesn't mince any words when it comes to the Russian invasion of Ukraine or the Israeli-Hamas conflict in Gaza. He doubts bloody fighting in either location will end soon.

Professor Williams is a former CIA operative who lived in Afghanistan and other parts of Europe. He has written extensively on Russia and the Middle East, and now teaches Islamic History at UMass Dartmouth.

Williams joined Townsquare Sunday to discuss what's happening in Gaza and Ukraine, and what might happen in the future.

"What's happening in Ukraine right now is shocking," Williams said. "Republicans in the U.S. House are pulling the plug on military aid that is desperately needed by Ukrainian troops on the front lines, and there's one man responsible: Donald Trump."

GOP presidential candidate Trump recently ordered House Republicans not to take up the aid bill because it was attached to legislation to address immigration issues on the U.S. southern border.

Williams fears Ukraine will be unable to hold back the horde of Russian troops this spring without weapons and aid from the United States.

Williams also weighed in on the fighting in Gaza. He is hoping for a peace treaty at some point, but first there must be a cease fire.

"America is desperately pushing the Israeli prime minister to agree to a cease fire, allowing for the release of more Israeli hostages being held by Hamas," he said. "It would also give the Palestinians in Gaza, who have lost more than 29,000 people, access to food, water and hospital care."

Israel has suffered losses too, including 1,200 Israeli citizens who were raped, tortured  and murdered on October 7 when Hamas terror squads targeted several Israeli communities.

Williams said President Joe Biden is key to a cease fire but so far, his administration has been unsuccessful in convincing Israel to halt its genocide-like advance in Gaza.

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