OPINION | Barry Richard: NFL Gets Tough on Kneelers…Sort Of
So the NFL is clamping down on players and staff who disrespect the national anthem and the American flag. Well, sort of, anyway. Team owners, sick of losing revenue and their fan base over spoiled and sanctimonious players who would rather kneel while the anthem is played, have reluctantly voted to support a new policy imposing fines against any team or league employee if they fail to stand for t
Orrall Watching UMD
LAKEVILLE - State Representative Keiko Orrall says she'll be paying close attention to UMass Dartmouth's new flag policy. Orrall says she's received several calls from concerned constituents who feel the decision to run the Black Lives Matter banner up the flagpole on the campus is a show of anti-police sentiment...
Student On Flag
The University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth has generated a great deal of controversy after the school decided to fly a Black Lives Matter flag as part of a new "flag policy."
UMD Apology?
  The University of Massachusetts owes police officers, including it's own police force, an apology for flying a “Black Lives Matter” flag at it's Dartmouth campus. Interim Chancellor Randy Helm says the school does not endorse all of BLM's views, which include killing cops, but says he hopes flying the flag will, “encourage civil and respectful dialogue at a time of deep divisions in our country.

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