The University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth has generated a great deal of controversy after the school decided to fly a Black Lives Matter flag as part of a new "flag policy."

While many have spoken out against the decision Freshman Isaiah Siverson told WBSM's Brian Thomas he sees it as a show of support for people of color and approves of the decision.

"It's a good statement made by the school, that they care," said Sarason "everything that's going on with police brutality all over the country, it's not a good thing so I'm glad my school is actually standing by black lives."

Siverson said he would also be supportive of another group that wanted a flag flown at the school.

"I care about all groups so any group can have a flag up there, that's what I think that stands for too," said Siverson "not only black lives matter, but all lives matter."

However, he said he wouldn't support flags advocating white supremacy or racism.

The Black Lives Matter Flag will be flying at the school through Friday.

A copy of the flag policy can be found here.

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