LAKEVILLE - State Representative Keiko Orrall says she'll be paying close attention to UMass Dartmouth's new flag policy.

Orrall says she's received several calls from concerned constituents who feel the decision to run the Black Lives Matter banner up the flagpole on the campus is a show of anti-police sentiment.

Orrall tells WBSM News she hopes the university adheres to the policy, and allows all student organizations to be represented. "For instance, if there's a Christian group on campus are they allowed to fly the Christian flag? It's those types of questions, if you are thinking about a flag policy, that you really need to think about," says Orrall.

Interim Chancellor Randy Helm in a statement says the BLM flag is not representative of any groups associated with the movement of the same name.

The new policy allows for students to submit requests to have specific flags flown on the campus' main flag poles for a total of five consecutive days.

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