Calling all fish and chips enthusiasts. Here's something tailored to your culinary cravings.

For Catholics, Lent runs Feb. 14 to March 28, which means it's the optimal time to abstain from meat and indulge in seafood, as tradition goes.

I, for one, am a big fan of fish and chips and I'm not alone.

Some savor a robust beer batter while others prefer a more delicate, traditional English-style coating. I lean toward the latter, though I appreciate the diversity of approaches.

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This year, instead of cooking after a long day's work, Iet this comprehensive guide to SouthCoast fish and chips serve as your ultimate resource — 40 places for 40 days, a beacon of convenience when you're hungry and don't want to think too much.

From Westport to Wareham and everywhere in between, feast your eyes and mouths on what's being offered by these restaurants, each renowned for their respective dishes.

Embark on a culinary journey that mirrors the spiritual journey of Lent, navigating through a sea of flavors and textures, each bite bringing you closer to culinary nirvana.

The hardest decision you'll face?

Choosing just one restaurant to kickstart your fish and chips expedition.

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