Two airplanes made emergency landings at New Bedford Regional Airport within 10 minutes of each other on Sunday at around noon.

A small Cessna came into Runway 23 with stuck landing gear and landed successfully. A twin-engine airplane that lost one engine and was low on fuel managed to land on Runway 32, according to photographer Ed Pepin, who was on the scene while listening to the scanner.

A specialized New Bedford Fire Department apparatus known as "Airport 8" responded to the scene. The apparatus is capable of spraying firefighting foam.

Ed Pepin
Ed Pepin

Pepin said the Sept. 6 incident is the first time ever that two emergency landings were made at the New Bedford Airport in one day. No injuries were reported.

WBSM has reached out to airport management for comment. The 925-acre New Bedford Airport is municipally-owned.

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