President Trump is on the doorstep of victory, securing a legacy as the most productive first-year as president ever!

Newsweek, the New York Times and even the Washington Post agree.

Whether you like him or not, or whether he's mired in controversy or not, when it comes to Trump's actual policy completions tied to pledges he made while campaigning, he's a prizewinner!

Just recently, the House and Senate passed a tax bill that will make the most sweeping changes to the tax code since Ronald Reagan. It will slash taxes for small businesses who file on a pass-through basis and double the child tax credit. In fact, the left-leaning Tax Policy Center estimates 80 percent of taxpayers will see a tax cut.

My partial and unofficial list shows manufacturing just accelerated to its best year since 2004 under the Trump administration. The creation of 1.7 million new jobs, killing job-stifling regulations, cutting unemployment to 4.1 percent, and increasing the GDP above 3 percent. There's been a rebound in economic confidence to a 17-year high.

The President signed an Executive Order demanding that two regulations be killed for every one created. He made good on his promise to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Paris Climate Agreement while opening up the NAFTA agreement to better the deal for the U.S. and got Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

We are starting the new year prioritizing women-owned businesses for some $500 million in SBA loans. Minority homeownership has increased under Trump and the stock market has soared passed 25,000 aiding your pension plan and retirement account!

It's time to give President Trump credit! It's time to stop calling it the American Dream. It's time to start calling it the American Plan!

Editor’s Note: Phil Paleologos is the morning talk show host on 1420 WBSM New Bedford. He can be heard weekdays from 6am-10am. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

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