For all of you rooting for a constitutional crisis, you can cool your jets just a bit. Keep in mind, in order for a president to be impeached and removed from office, there has to be evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors. So far, there is none.

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Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was convicted on eight of 10 counts, including five counts of tax fraud, one count of failure to file a report of foreign bank and financial accounts, and two counts of bank fraud. A mistrial was declared in three counts of failing to file reports of foreign bank and financial accounts, and seven counts of bank fraud and bank fraud conspiracy.

No Russia collusion. No connection to Trump.

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Trump's one-time lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to five counts of tax evasion; one count of making false statements to a financial institution; one count of willfully causing an unlawful corporation contribution; and one count of making an excessive campaign contribution at the request of a candidate.

Cohen, looking to salvage what's left of the family farm, accepted a deal and claims he's got information on Trump. Well, let's see it. In the case against Cohen, the prosecution has made no allegations of wrongdoing by Trump.

For the record, if Manafort and Cohen are guilty of crimes they should go to jail. Period.

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For three years now we have been treated to an endless chorus of calls for Trump's impeachment and imprisonment, but to date, not a single criminal allegation has been made against him. Nothing. You cannot remove a president from office just because the minority party is still sore over losing an election.

Should the Democrats win back the House in November, which is a longshot at best, they could force impeachment hearings and a constitutional crisis. Short of a body being found in the closet though, it is even more unlikely that the Senate would vote to remove Trump from office because of the unnecessary strain on the stability of the nation.

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When Bill Clinton was found by the House to have committed perjury--an actual crime--the Senate voted against removing him from office for just that reason.

So for everyone who wants to plunge this nation into constitutional chaos, it's time to get a grip and deal with the fact that Trump is here to stay. What say we focus all of this anger on those who really did collude with the Russians and really did try to influence an election?

And by the way, let's build that wall before another Cristhian Bathena Rivera gets in.

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