No matter where we look, we're trapped by piles of snow.  Whether its Boston or New Bedford, we're surrounded by a sea of white.  But there is a small glimmer of hope, an oasis in an otherwise dismal winter.

Its called "Truck Day" and it happens tomorrow at Fenway Park.  What happens there is simple enough.  Employees of the Red Sox load baseball equipment (and lots of other stuff belong to players and front office personnel) into a large moving truck for the drive south to Fort Myers, Florida and spring training.

But the truck itself means more than that.  Its a harbinger of spring, and a sign that baseball is not far away.

The aftermath of the amazing Patriots win in the Super Bowl has been rather bleak.  I'm tired of looking at snow, and the sometimes woeful efforts of the Bruins and Celtics, Truck Day is a ray of sunshine in an otherwise snow-filled world.

The Red Sox ownership has commercialized "Truck Day" in recent years, encouraging fans to shiver outside while the truck is being loaded.  "Wally" the Green Monster makes an appearance, delighting the little kids.  What are the odds he'll be wearing one of those colorful Florida shirts that scream out "I'm a tourist." The marketing continues, even with 70 inches of snow.

When that truck leaves Fenway, my heart starts to beat a little faster, because I know that in a matter of days, baseball workouts will begin, and soon there will be real games in Florida, Arizona and maybe even Cuba (maybe Jerry Remy will put a restaurant in Havana).  Let's hope for no breakdowns along the way, and perfect weather when it arrives.

The forecast for Thursday is snow, but that will not stop "Truck Day," Wally or a handful of fans joining the fun on this special day for many of us.






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