Truck Day

'Truck Day' Nears
While Southern New England continues to dig out of the snow this week, the Boston Red Sox hope to warm up the hearts of Red Sox Nation with the 18th annual Truck Day.
"Truck Day" At Fenway
Take heart, winter weary New Englanders. Spring can't be far away if the Boston Red Sox equipment truck is on its way to Florida.
Hundreds of fans gathered outside Fenway Park to bid the truck farewell as it left Boston on a 1,480-mile trip to the team's spring training home in Fort Myers s…
Truck Day On Thursday
No matter where we look, we're trapped by piles of snow.  Whether its Boston or New Bedford, we're surrounded by a sea of white.  But there is a small glimmer of hope, an oasis in an otherwise dismal winter.
Its called "Truck Day" and it happens tomorrow at Fenwa…
Boston Red Sox Equipment Truck Heads South
I don't know if any other MLB team has a "Truck Day," but we do! The Red Sox equipment truck is heading south for Jet Blue Park and another year of Red Sox baseball. We got the schedule in today and our first broadcast will be Saturday, Feb 23rd when the Sox play the Rays...