As a kid, I used to talk into the fan to hear my voice reverberate. It wasn't a toy, but it was a form of play. Who knows, maybe it was the inspiration behind getting into broadcasting! And soon, the board game, NEW BEDFORD - THE GAME OF HISTORIC WHALING TOWN BUILDING will be on store shelves, including stores that sell toys. In this game, you manage fleet and town in this Euro-style board game for 1-5 players in the era of Moby Dick and historic New Bedford, Massachusetts! If the new board game is to be considered for the Toy Hall Of Fame, it will be up against some formidable competition, as twelve finalists were announced on September 28, 2015, for this year's National Toy Hall Of Fame class.

Some of the nominees are board games, but also toys that we grew up with. Here's this year's contenders, from which you have to select only two: the spinning top; the coloring book; Wiffle Ball; general puppets; American Girl dolls; Battleship; Jenga; PLAYMOBIL; the scooter; Super Soaker; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Twister. Two winners will be inducted into the Hall Of Fame at The Strong Museum in Rochester, NY, on November 5th.

To get into the Hall Of Fame, winners have to have survived multiple generations, be widely recognized and foster learning, creative or discovery through play. There are 56 toys currently in the Hall Of Fame, including last year's winner's: Little Green Army Men; the Rubik's Cube; and bubbles! Choose two and vote in our poll.