Darlene Spencer, of the United Way of Greater New Bedford, joins  Jim to discuss the relocation of more than 200 families to New Bedford from Puerto Rico, following Hurricane Maria.

After Hurricane Maria battered Puerto Rico, many island residents  lost everything they had.  Thousands of families were forced to relocate to the United States, seeking shelter and a new start with family members already living here.  But some of those families could not afford to take in those family members seeking refuge, some just didn't have the room.  That's where the United Way New Bedford stepped in.  The Family Resource Center of the United Way, and its Director Darlene Spencer took the lead in finding shelter and other essentials for those displaced families.  To date, the Family Resource Center has assisted more than 500 people start their new lives in the Whaling City.  Spencer talks about the United Way's role in welcoming displaced families into New Bedford on this Week's Townsquare Sunday.
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