Wondering what you should do when a thunderstorm hits? Well, we have got all of the answers!

  • Evacuate mobile homes or other light shelters that can blow over in high winds. Get to a sturdy building with a strong foundation.
  • Tune into weather reports that are being updated around you.
  • Stay indoors and away from windows and doors. Do not hang around on your porch area.
  • Try to stay off the roads if possible.
  • Keep all windows and doors shut , as well as shutters.
  • Safely unplug appliances around your home that you are not going to use.

How to protect your pets in a thunderstorm?

  • The biggest threat for pets during a thunderstorm is their own fear.
  • When a storm is approaching make sure your pets are inside.
  • Create a safe haven for the animals, because usually when a pet gets nervous or scared they run off to their favorite hiding locations.

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