The City of New Bedford is undergoing an election recount of sorts tonight.

Secretary of State William Galvin's Office randomly selected precincts throughout Massachusetts that would hand-count ballots from last week's election to ensure that regular and early voting was correctly implemented. The audit was part of the early voting law that was passed in 2014 under Governor Deval Patrick.

New Bedford Election Commissioner Maria Tomasia says three precincts in New Bedford were chosen for a post-election audit. "There's over, I think close to 4,000 ballots that were cast between those three that we're going to have to count in blocks of 50 this afternoon. So everything has been prepared for the people that are coming in. We have five teams of people," said Tomasia.

Each ballot must be counted by hand. At the end of the count, the Election Commission will send the results of the contested races to Secretary Galvin's Office.

The audit begins at 5pm in the Ashley Room at City Hall, and is open for public viewing.

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