If you ask me what my favorite time of year is, I'll gladly tell you it's Thanksgiving without hesitation.

It has nothing to do with the food and everything to do with paying it forward.

That's precisely what three local fishermen did.

A week before the holiday, a few crew members from the E.S.S. Pursuit posted up by the docks with a truckbed full of frozen turkeys. They had just left the King's Highway Stop & Shop in New Bedford with 50 frozen turkeys they purchased with their hard-earned money. The plan was to give them to families in need.

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Leading the charge was New Bedford native Ryun Coleman alongside his crew members Taylor Newton and Robert Pina. Together they pitched in so 50 families could have a Thanksgiving they'll never forget.

"We just came in from a fishing trip today, so we took the money we made and decided to give back," Coleman said. "If you're ever in the position to give back to the community, just do it. It feels good and I'm sure there's a good amount of people who could use a turkey so we're happy to help. We wanted to spread some positivity before the holidays."

Eventually, the crew went mobile with the remaining turkeys, delivering them to households that couldn't make it to the docks. From the north end to the south end and everywhere in between, Coleman and his team didn't stop until every last turkey was given away.

It was a group effort all around, right down to the workers at the King's Highway Stop & Shop who had the pallets of turkeys ready to go when Coleman and his crew arrived. A couple of days prior, Coleman had spoken with management at the grocery store to ensure this was doable.

"You have to pay it forward whenever you can because there's always someone who could use a little help," Coleman said. "As I said before, if you're in a position where you can help them out, something little here or there goes a long way. You never know what can make somebody's day."

This isn't the first time Coleman was spotted contributing generously to the community.

Just last year, he and Dartmouth's Adam Baptista Jr. took over the Dartmouth Street Sunrise Bakery. They bought coffee, pastries and other goods for more than 450 customers on their dime. 

It just goes to show how strong the SouthCoast and New Bedford communities truly are. There's good around every corner and Coleman and crew are the latest example.

The message of the day: Pay it forward, be kind to others and remember where you came from. You never know the struggle someone may be going through so lend a helping hand whenever you can.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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