I spoke with the former President of the American Immigration Lawyers Association regarding President Trump's travel ban executive order. First, I admit believing the Supreme Court handed the President a resounding victory by lifting the injunction. Attorney David Leopold tells me no-no, it didn't go down like that. The Supreme Court actually left on hold, approximately 90% of the travel ban. The ruling essentially embraces and emboldens lower court rulings. Say what?

Leopold claims to have read the high court's ruling two times. He read the verbage from the Supreme Court 9-0 decision. The court let stand what the courts and Homeland Security already do, that nothing really new is allowed. Leopold also contends that when the Supreme Court rules in the pending case in October, it is likely to agree with the lower court injunctions. That's his opinion based on court precedent.

Not so shocking is that Attorney Leopold and I agree, no matter the amount of vetting and unlawful or constitutional bans, Americans are no safer under this heightened security than without the executive order. Appeal for no new attacks on U.S. soil. Cringe at any ensuing rhetoric if there's a terrorist related airline disaster.

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