Would you like to see a third political party? If so, is it because the Republicans and Democrats are so much alike, or for other reasons? A lot of Americans think that the two political parties aren't enough for the country, and would like to see another one. That's according to a new Rasmussen Reports survey out June 9th, which found that 38 percent of likely voters agreed with the statement: "Republicans and Democrats are so much alike that an entirely new party is needed to represent the American people." That's up six percentage points from five years ago, when 32 percent favored a third party.

The feeling is apparently bipartisan, which 46 percent of Republicans and 45 percent of Democrats saying we should have another party, as did 51 percent of independents -- and it's not surprising that their percentage is a bit higher, since they aren't affiliated with either of the two parties. Are you surprised that the consensus is bipartisan?

Other factors that influenced opinions included: gender, with 43 percent of men wanting a new party compared to 35 percent of women; race, with 38 percent of whites, 27 percents and a significantly larger 50 percent of those who identified as "other" favoring a new party; and age, with younger voters wanting a third party more than older ones. Broken down by age groups, 49 percent of 18- to 39-year-olds were in favor, 37 percent of 40- to 64-year-olds, and 25 percent of those 65 and older. Why do think younger voters are more likely to want a third party than older voters?

So, what are your thoughts? Should we have another political party?

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