Today, we are all Jews. Well for three decades now, anyone paying attention has felt this way. Last month, Jewish Chronicle editor Stephen Pollard said, “Every single French Jew I know has either left or is actively working out how to leave (Paris).” As I read these remarks, this American Roman Catholic Irish guy greatly empathized with our Hebrew brethren.

My question to those indifferent to the ever more prolific violent Muslim jihadists in Western society is:In a circumstance where there are no more Jews in the region to terrorize, who do you think the extremists will turn to then?

After Sept. 11, 2001, the CIA estimated a staggering 3 to 5 percent of the entire world’s one billion plus Muslims are potential extremist recruits. That is a number close to 50 million. President Bush’s administration preferred to count the 5,000 known recruits as the number to deal with, to the CIA’s dismay.

President Obama has fared far worse in its estimates and policies as al-Qaeda, ISIS, Abu Sayyaf and the Muslim Brotherhood have encroached as far west as Libya and what’s more, in the open with flags flying.

In India, the Hindus have been under attack by Muslims since before the Kashmir crisis. In the Philippine Islands, Christian and pagan Filipino have been slaughtered and ambushed on a regular basis. Muslim Arabs still capture, kill, and/or enslave black Africans in the Greater Sudan region. War rages on in Nigeria with atrocities most in the western world don’t even want to discuss.

Muslim aggression in the West has a different model yet with the same design of world domination. Here in the West we see a stealthier terrorist scheme where they act in small groups and try to be unpredictable. They use Western valued liberty against us. They strike somewhat frequently and hide behind the political left, manipulate media and their political arm threatens to use legal recourse to deter the specific accusation of Muslim aggression.

Yes, I linked the two; CAIR (Counsel on Islamic-American Relations), the flagship of the political arm and the violent Muslims because CAIR lunges to the defense of the terrorists each and every time with rudderless explanations as to why this or that act of violence was provoked by the victims. They are to Jihad what Sinn Fein was to the IRA . The difference is the IRA just wanted their own island back where Jihad wants a global Islamic state even if by barbaric terrorist tactics.

The reasons the model of aggression is more careful in the West have to do with the superior strength we enjoy for the moment. There are also technological deterrents here in terms of their activities. We are living in a digital age with amazing surveillance devices. However, once enough Muslim extremists reach critical mass in our populace, it will be too late to fix.

We have yet to see a leader who knows how to deal with this problem, whose solution has a deadline. We better find a lot of alpha issue voters in 2016 or the future may look very bright to those seeking a Caliphate for planet Earth.

While I believe there are still the majority of Muslims not willing to contribute to this madness, I also think they are paralyzed with fear if they stand up to it.

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