Aside from the Associated Press, there is perhaps no greater purveyor of the liberal drumbeat than the New York Times, and the Times is worried about Liz Warren's identity crisis.

After being pummeled by her opponents, including some in the media, over her claims to be of Native American heritage, the extreme left-wing U.S. Senator from Massachusetts thought a DNA test might put the matter to rest once and for all. Unfortunately for Warren, the test results were not what she had hoped for. For some reason that defies conventional logic, she released those results to the media.

The Times is concerned that many in the progressive movement who despise all things Trump are afraid that this controversy will not go away, and in fact would allow Trump to own Warren should the two go head-to-head in 2020. Others fear it has hurt her with minorities.

The reality is that Warren supporters have a great deal more than the DNA issue to worry about. Warren's economic message might be a tough sell in the booming Trump economy. Her ideas on globalization and energy might be even more worrisome. Just ask Emmanuel Macron how that's all working out for him.

The truth of the matter is that Elizabeth Warren is a shrill elitist whose vision for America is out of line with conventional thinking. That Deval Patrick has decided to fold his tent is a strong indication that Warren is all in for 2020.

In order to be successful against Trump in 2020, the Democrats need to move closer to the center. There is no evidence that Warren or the Democrat Party are prepared to do that at this point.

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