In case you missed one or two, here's a list, just for you! This is the full list from 10/12/20 to 10/16/20.

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    QUESTION: A recent poll said, "I really wish Alexa or Siri could help me with (blank)." The #1 answer was "Cleaning the house," followed by what?

    ANSWER: Making dinner

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    QUESTION: Although it can be embarrassing if you're caught, three out of four of us do what every day?

    ANSWER: Sing in the car

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    No question today.

  • 4


    QUESTION: Two out of three wives don't believe it when their husband tells them what?

    ANSWER: That he’s sick

  • 5


    QUESTION: Fourteen percent of people say you can definitely be too old to do what?

    ANSWER: Go to a concert

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