In case you missed one or two, here's a list, just for you! This is the full list from 7/29/19 to 8/2/19.

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    QUESTION: What are 5% of people deathly afraid of?  Hint: it's something alive.

    ANSWER: Birds

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    QUESTION: A recent poll had participants answer: "People think I'm crazy because I like to cook (blank) on the grill." The #1 answer was pizza. What was next?

    ANSWER: Pineapple

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    QUESTION: What will last 2 hours and 53 minutes on average?

    ANSWER: A family road trip

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    QUESTION: A recent poll had participants answer: "If you could have lunch with any person from history, who would you choose?" It wasn't the #1 answer, but who was the top movie star named?

    ANSWER: Robin Williams

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    QUESTION: What do 18% of married people say is the #1 thing they'd change about their spouse if they could?

    ANSWER: Their laugh

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