In case you missed one or two, here's a list, just for you! This is the full list from 11/12/18 to 11/16/18.

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    QUESTION: A recent poll asked the question, "What was your biggest fear/concern on your wedding day?" The number 1 answer was "weather" and number 2 was "tripping while walking down the aisle." What was number 3?

    ANSWER: Wondering if they were marrying the right person.

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    QUESTION: On an average day in America, $18,000 is stolen from what?

    ANSWER: Vending machines

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    QUESTION: 8% of women say they have ruined at least one of these in their lives. What is it?

    ANSWER: A Thanksgiving meal.

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    QUESTION: 9% of men say they rarely use what?

    ANSWER: Deodorant

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    QUESTION: 55% of people would never admit to doing what unless they got caught.

    ANSWER: Hitting a parked car.

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