In case you missed one or two, here's a list, just for you! This is the full list from 6/18/18 to 6/22/18.

  • 1


    QUESTION: What do 90% of people do with other people?

    ANSWER: Watch TV

  • 2


    QUESTION: A new study shows that you should do what about an hour and a half before bedtime if you have trouble going to sleep?

    ANSWER: Wear sunglasses

  • 3


    No question today

  • 4


    QUESTION: What do 37% of women hate when a guy tries to be romantic?

    ANSWER: When he blows in her ear.

  • 5


    QUESTION: What is the most uncivilized thing we do in public according to a recent survey?

    ANSWER: Wear pajama pants.

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