In case you missed one or two, here's a list, just for you! This is the full list from 9/18/17 - 9/22/17.

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    QUESTION: More than 85% of us do what every time we have dinner at home?

    ANSWER: Sit in the same place

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    QUESTION: The #1 item people keep in their glove compartment is proof of insurance and registration. #2 is napkins. What is #3?

    ANSWER: Condiments - ketchup, salt, pepper, sugar, etc

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    QUESTION: If you're going to do this, you'll probably start planning about 2 and a half months in advance. What is it?

    ANSWER: Picking a Halloween costume

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    QUESTION: Everybody has at least one...but most of us don't know how to clean it properly. What is it?

    ANSWER: Our pillow

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    QUESTION: There are around 38,000 towns in the US that don't have one of these. What is it?

    ANSWER: Traffic light

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