In case you missed one or two, here's a list, just for you! This is the full list from 7/10/17 - 7/14/17.

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    QUESTION: Experts say the secret to a happy relationship is to do what at least 6 times a week?

    ANSWER: Say "Thank you"

  • 2


    QUESTION: Wives were asked, if you could hypnotize your husband and make him do anything, what would it be?

    ANSWER: Clean the house

  • 3


    QUESTION: More than half of couples say they do what chore separately?

    ANSWER: Laundry

  • 4


    QUESTION: When they first meet a man, 25% of women will lie about what?

    ANSWER: Their name

  • 5


    QUESTION: After "taking selfies," what's the next most annoying thing that bothers people at the gym?

    ANSWER: Naked people trying to talk to them in the locker room.

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