Whether it's homemade, or at an authentic Portuguese restaurant, we know quality Portuguese food here on the Southcoast. But you cannot mess with the traditional cuisine, so we've compiled a list of Portuguese food commandments so you can avoid any sacrilegious embarrassments.

  • 1

    Thou shall not order a Portuguese steak without an egg

    If you do, congrats - you just ordered a really thin steak
  • 2

    Thou shall eat the one red pepper that comes with the Portuguese meal, or thou is not truly Portuguese

  • 3

    Thou shall have at least 3 starches on your plate, or you’re not doing it right

    Rice, Roasted Potatoes, Fries
  • 4

    Thou shall ONLY eat round fries

  • 5

    Thou shall only use mustard for a condiment with linguiça

  • 6

    Thou shall never complain about sodium - salt shall runneth over

  • 7

    Thou shall never refer to a carne de espeto as a giant Shish Kabob

    Thou shall also need to know how to pronounce it properly to order, or else go hungry
  • 8

    Thou shall enjoy Madeira wine year round, not just at the feast

  • 9

    Thou shall not marinate meat for less than 48 hours

  • 10

    Thou shall know the difference between malassadas and fried dough

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