A spot in Fall River has combined popular Italian and Portuguese dishes for an out-of-this-world combination you must try.

We are pretty lucky on the SouthCoast when it comes to restaurants and we definitely have a good selection of Portuguese places. The region also boasts some of the best Italian food on the East Coast.

Who would have thought to combine the two and make an entirely new taste explosion?

Fiorentina Italian Kitchen in Fall River.

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It's rumored that delicious Mozambique sauce was perfected right here on the SouthCoast in Portuguese cuisine. Many of our restaurants have their own takes on the spicy flavoring. We have strong opinions on who makes the best and, well, not many other places in the United States know about it.

The same is not true when it comes to the nationally popular Alfredo sauce, widely used in many Italian dishes. Like Mozambique, Alfredo is delicious and can be prepared in many ways.

Not many of us would think to combine the two, but Enio Cordeiro, one of the owners of Fiorentina, has been enjoying this mixture for years.

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"My mother had been feeding it to me for years, and I finally asked her for the recipe and figured since I like it so much, so would my customers," Cordeiro said.

Cordeiro and his business partners Jordan and Jenny took over Fiorentina, which has been around for several decades, just about a year ago and are slowly adding their own flair.

The question on everyone's tastebuds: Is this Italian and Portuguese collaboration any good?

We will let you decide, but I don't think my tastebuds deceive me. This stuff is to die for.

It's called the Mozambique Alfredo Pasta, and it can be served with either chicken or shrimp. It's got a little kick to it but that's a good thing. One bite and you might decide it's what dreams are made of.

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