The Dartmouth Police Department received a "heartfelt and profound message" on Tuesday, September 11 and posted it to their Facebook page.

Hello, I am a Dartmouth resident and am writing today for simple reasons. I am not sure who this will even reach. My wife is an RN, and myself I am in EMS (out of town) and we were having a little discussion about Law Enforcement due to seeing a Youtube video (positive discussion of course) and my 4-year-old son, as most kids do, inserted himself into the conversation. The discussion was about the trials, tribulations, and hate that the police departments across the country face, how they are generally loathed, hated, and even shot at. How people only seem to show their appreciation for LEOs when tragedy strikes and one is fallen. My son Connor (the 4 yr old who is a HUGE FAN of DPD) in his infinite wisdom then says..."Daddy why do people only say thank you when bad things happen"...And at first, it didn't seem that profound until I got to thinking about it.

That is basically what the majority of people do. I have seen first-hand the heavy look on an officer's face when he or she has to deliver the news that a loved one has passed. We understand the first-hand horrors officers witness, then have to go home with a brave face to their own children and pretend nothing is wrong. We understand the immense mental burden/weight they carry with them every day that they suit up and jump into a cruiser. Or the concern that today/tonight might be the time they do not make it home to protect their own families because they are out protecting ours. In public safety, you and I hear and see the worst that humanity has to offer, and yet the next day you all get up, lace up the boots, strap on the body armor, and head out for another shift because you know your community needs you. In closing, my son is right...why only in the face of tragedy do people say thank you and show support? It should be every day and all year long.

We fly the thin blue line flag for you all, and every cruiser that flies by on a call we pray for. "We see you" and we love you all. Thank you for being our heroes, not just in times of need...but every day. From our family to your department, my son Connor and I would like to buy you all a cup of coffee, but since that would be impossible, should you see a guy and his young boy walk in this weekend with a box of joe...that is probably us. A small thank you for all you do.

Connor and Mike dropped by the station Sunday morning to say "hello," and to also thank DPD for their service. While there, DPD gave them some DPD goodies and let Connor check out some of the DPD whips!

Dartmouth Police Department
Dartmouth Police Department

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