All things are alleged until proven in court beyond a reasonable doubt.

There's this guy from Middleboro. Kevin Kennedy is his name. He's accused of felony animal cruelty. According to the MSPCA, Kennedy tethered his dog, Maverick, for days, maybe longer than a week. Maverick apparently got so tired of being tied he tried to break away. Officials believe the dog got the tethering twisted around his right rear paw. What did Maverick do? He bit his paw off to break away. Amazing what animals and people will do for a taste of freedom.

If Kennedy is found guilty, he faces up to seven years in the slammer and/OR a $5,000 fine. If I'm the judge and the jury returns a guilty verdict, you bet Mr. Kennedy is slapped with the $5,000 fine, along with all medical costs for fixing up Maverick. And there's more.

Judge Thomas would have the Department of Public Infrastructure erect a metal pole in the middle of Middleboro Center. An eighteen foot high by three foot diameter pole with a metal loop just large enough to slip a strong chain through it. Kennedy would be tethered to this pole for all to see. His left ankle will be securely chained to the pole. Kennedy's right ankle strapped with a GPS electronic bracelet, just in case he manages to escape.

As judge, I'd order Kevin Kennedy sentenced to the pole for as many days as the MSPCA realistically believes Maverick was mercilessly tethered, but no longer than two weeks. Mr. Kennedy would be fed twice daily, and provided a Port-A-Potty to do his business. [It's fair for passersby to shake the potty while Kennedy is inside]

This not so subtle reminder will convince Mr. Kennedy to never consider such a heinous, senseless crime again. By making the sentence a public spectacle, it should teach others what consequences they face for being cruel to animals. 

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