Before you condemn killing coyotes in a contest, please read this. In Massachusetts and especially on the Cape, Coyotes are killing house pets at a rapid pace.

I believe this contest will help control the growing coyote population. They're snatching household cats and small dogs in their fangs, sometimes in plain sight of the pet owners. And if that isn't heartbreaking enough, have you noticed fewer squirrels that used to rummage for food in your yard? The bird population has suffered as well.

They are devouring the rabbits and the deer. This impacts the natural order of nature and we're sure to see an explosion of more insects and plants, among other environmental problems all because of these hungry coyotes.

Over the weekend, a 'coyote hunt' opened on Cape Cod as Powerhorn Outfitters of Hyannis hosted their first ever coyote killing contest. Yes, 'contest' because prizes were given for the largest coyote and the harvest with the most cumulative weight. The hunters also got to be placed in a raffle for the grand prize drawing for a waterfowl hunting charter for two.

The coyote contest turned controversial when a group of protesters showed up to say people should not be killing animals 'for sport.' The critics said it's disturbing to see a killing contest to be handed down as a legacy to their children. Are these protesters serious?

Powerhouse Outfitters said they value the rights of non-hunters to express their views, however, they proudly support outdoorsmen in upholding the tradition of hunting. I wholeheartedly agree with Powerhorn's philosophy.

Hunting coyotes is perfectly legal in Massachusetts, but there are rules and conditions.

What do you think? Do you support a coyote killing contest or not?

(Phil Paleologos is the talk show host on WBSM. Listen to the "Phil Paleologos Show" Monday through Friday from 6-10 a.m. His opinions are solely his own.)

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