Former Red Sox manager Terry Francona has penned a new book that discusses his team's infamous late-season crash in the fall of 2011, one of the biggest collapses in baseball history. But the big news apparently is that Francona is willing to reveal a bit of the inner workings of the franchise's ownership, and it doesn't sound pretty.

In Boston, Francona is the man who broke "the curse." He managed the Red Sox to two World Series titles, in 2004 and 2007, after the franchise hadn't won one since 1918. But after the 2011 season, he and the team went their separate ways.

Francona's book, written with the help of Boston Globe writer Dan Shaughnessy, describes how the Red Sox owners were highly image-conscious, even going into detail of some of their marketing plans. Ownership, he says, demanded higher TV ratings, then went out and pursued "sexier" players to attract more female fans.

Some say Francona may be going a little too far in airing the team's dirty laundry.