Mello’s children’s book, Maggie Dewdrop: The Feather of Flight, features a little mouse named Maggie, whose dreams are as big as the sky.

“Maggie is a crafty, adventurous mouse who was raised by bats, who also had always dreamed to fly with the rest of her family. In my story, she was urged to wish on a star to make her wish come true. She wishes and wishes, with all her might to be a bat... but the Fairy Owl Mother who comes to her aid grants her a single feather to help her achieve her dream. Confused, and a little let down, she has to use her own creativity and ingenuity that she possesses to make her wish a reality!”

Photo credit Susan Prentice and Erin McLaughlin

Gregg is very intentional in this story about loving yourself for who you are. “The moral of the book is that there is no use wishing and dreaming to be something you aren’t; you’re perfect just the way you are, because if you change, then... you aren’t you! This theme can be stretched to children (and adults) of all ages; those who feel out of place because of adoption, maybe they are feeling like they need to change to appeal to their parents or friends... and even to the confusing state of who they are as a person and needing to conform to fit in.”

Photo credit Susan Prentice and Erin McLaughlin

Gregg is a Dartmouth native who moved to Sandusky, Ohio two years ago to restore a Victorian home and to focus on his art and writing career. “It was a tough few years of adjusting to a completely new area, with no family and friends, and the cherry of that difficulty was getting laid off from my job I had here. It seemed like that was the catalyst that set off all of my dreams. I had my first gallery show in Ohio, asked to be featured in another art owner’s gallery (coming up next week!) and then two weeks after sending out more of my manuscripts and illustrations, my children’s book Maggie Dewdrop: The Feather of Flight was picked up by an independent publisher based in Texas, Black Rose Writing.”

Gregg told 1420 WBSM that he still misses home, and is looking forward to returning for a book event at Barnes and Noble in Dartmouth on Saturday, November 3, from 5 to 7 pm.

Be on the lookout for Maggie Dewdrop: The Feather of Flight to be released on September 27, 2018. “I have BIG dreams for my little mouse and I!”

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