Reece Arnold will be one of the authors featured at the Holiday Book Fair in Fairhaven. The fair will be held at Millicent Library, 45 Center Street, on Saturday, December 14, from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Mike’s Big Space Adventure tells the story of a young boy who loves astronomy. One night, he dreams that he becomes a shooting star and travels through different galaxies in space, meeting new friends – and getting into some scary situations – but having a wonderful adventure along the way.

The newly published book, for ages three through ten, is poised to make its young Massachusetts author a shooting star himself in the highly competitive universe of children’s literature.

Reece Arnold is a dynamic, highly creative young man with interests in music, writing, and inventing. Fascinated by space from a young age, Arnold used his vivid imagination to create the many interesting friends the book’s main character, Mike, makes along his intergalactic journey. He created the storyline and art concepts on his own and then worked diligently with local artist and illustrator, Sandra Hall, to bring the pages to life. The book also includes an educational insert with interesting space facts.

While Mike’s Big Space Adventure is Arnold’s first foray into children’s book publishing, he already has a successful track record of applying his creative talents and determination in many different ways. Arnold started his own company, Reece-Cycled Fun!, with his mother, to market two mind-bending board games he created, ‘8 All-In’ and ‘Number Kruncher.’ A portion of the proceeds from Reece’s products, including book sales, benefit autism-related charities.

“My goal is to inspire other people with autism and those with challenges to follow their dreams and reach for the stars,” says Arnold.

The motivation to start his own company was fueled not only by passion but out of necessity as well. Despite his many accomplishments, Arnold, like many young adults with autism, continues to struggle to find high-quality employment opportunities.

Although he is a highly creative thinker with excellent computer skills and experience editing music and video, his autism does impact his ‘soft skills’ and speech pattern, making it difficult to compete for jobs in the traditional labor market.

“Good jobs for people with autism are really hard to find,” says Arnold. “I’ve had to create my own ways to earn a living. While I love inventing and writing, it can be frustrating to not have a steady job. I’m smart and creative and have valuable skills, I just need the chance to prove it.”

You can read more about Reece and his projects at Reece-Cycled-Fun.

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