There was a triple-decker fire Friday morning in New Bedford. Firefighters were called to 280 Sawyer Street just after 11am on the report of a structure fire.  Fire officials say flames and smoke were coming from the rear of the building when fire crews arrived.

District Chief Jeff Pothier was among the first responders. "We had a pretty significant smoke condition showing on the east side of the building, from the first and second floors," said Pothier. "The fire was located in a confined area, and firefighters had to gain entry through two doors that had dead-bolts, so it was sealed up pretty tight." Pothier added, "the fire spread into the walls and second floor, so it was a pretty labor-intensive fire." The fire was mostly contained to the rear of the building.

Jim Phillips TSM
Jim Phillips TSM

The six occupants all got out safely and received assistance from the American Red Cross. Zachary Bachand lived on the third floor of the building. He tells WBSM News, he saw smoke coming from his bathroom, so he grabbed his pitbull and started to leave. On his way out, Bachand says he entered the second-floor apartment, to make sure a female tenant was getting out as well. "Her whole apartment was smoked up. She was just sitting there and I told her to get the hell out. She got out and that's when the fire engines came."

The fire was declared out shortly after noon. Pothier says one firefighter suffered what's believed to be a minor injury. Two parrots were killed in the fire, but two cats were rescued. Fire inspectors were at the scene Friday, trying to determine what caused the fire.

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