As a 10 year old girl, going through security at an airport and setting of an alarm can be a scary experience. I know because it happened to me the first time I ever flew. The TSA officer simply pulled me aside to show me that the way my iPod and headphones were placed in the bin was incorrect and raised suspicion. He turned it into a learning experience, and I was better for it.

For 10-year-old Vendela Brainerd-Payne, the experience was a little more intense. A female TSA agent patted the girl down because a juice pouch inside her purse set off an alarm in North Carolina last week. When her cell phone falsely tested positive for explosives, additional resolution procedures were required. Her father, Kevin Payne, claims the two-minute procedure was excessive and that he was outraged.

"Payne, who caught the screening on video, told ABC News' "Good Morning America" that he felt it was "incredibly inappropriate, very invasive" and that the pat-down "violated" his daughter."

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