TAUNTON (WBSM) — The zombie apocalypse has come to Taunton, as residents were abuzz Friday that The Walking Dead: Dead City is in town filming scenes for Season 2 of the hit television series.

We told you back in March that Dead City was coming to Massachusetts to film, and that Randolph was the expected location.

The show chronicles the continuing adventures of beloved Walking Dead characters Maggie and Negan, played by Lauren Cohen and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

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Earlier today, someone asked in a Taunton Facebook group about a potential film or television project filming in the city. Folks began chiming in almost immediately that it was The Walking Dead: Dead City.

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One commenter posted a photo of a letter reportedly sent to residents which announced the filming, dated April 4, on letterhead featuring the logos of the AMC network and The Walking Dead: Dead City.

“Dear Neighbor,

Please be advised that Stalwart Productions LLC will be filming scenes for Season 2 of ‘TWD: DEAD CITY’ in your neighborhood. Filming will take place on Monday, April 8, Tuesday April 9 and Thursday, April 11. Filming will be confined to private property, but you may notice an increase in truck traffic, especially in the morning, and general activity in the area.

We will have detail officers from Taunton PD on hand to assist with any temporary traffic issues that may arise.

We are also interested in potentially paying certain houses to keep some lights off during our filming as the show takes place during a zombie apocalypse.”

The letter includes contact info for production staff, and ends with the following:

“Additionally, since it’s a frequent question, if you are interested in being considered as a background actor, you can apply at kendallcoopercasting.com/boston.”

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The filming is slated to take place at 144 West Brittania Street and 437 Whittenton Street.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Both of these locations are old brick factory buildings, with some current tenants in the vicinity. They certainly look like a scene out of a zombie apocalypse, though.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Also, we’re not sure how to feel about a show about the zombie apocalypse filming on the same day as a total solar eclipse.

Seems like that could be tempting fate or something.

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