TAUNTON (WBSM) — A joint investigation into narcotics trafficking has led to the arrest of a Taunton man for allegedly distributing fentanyl and cocaine throughout Plymouth and Bristol Counties as well as Rhode Island.

According to Massachusetts State Police, Jason Hodo, 33, of Taunton was arrested following an investigation by the Commonwealth Interstate Narcotics Enforcement Team-South conducted in May and June of this year.

State police said the investigation revealed Hodo was allegedly distributing trafficking quantities of fentanyl and cocaine.

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On Wednesday, June 5, officers followed Hodo in his vehicle after he left a location in Rhode Island and drove to a Taunton gas station. There, he was arrested and searched after fentanyl and cocaine were allegedly found.

The narcotics team then executed “knock and announce” search warrants without incident at locations in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts believed connected to Hodo, state police said.

According to state police, the searches in Massachusetts led to the seizure of about 528 grams of fentanyl, 206 grams of cocaine, and nearly $22,000 from Hodo’s person and vehicle.

The simultaneous search of the Rhode Island location turned up two firearms loaded with high-capacity magazines, approximately 12 grams of fentanyl, nearly $19,000, several high value bars of gold, jewelry, and a diamond/gold chain with receipt for $103,000.

Hodo was booked on charges of trafficking Class A and Class B substances in Massachusetts and will also face felony gun possession and fentanyl trafficking charges in Rhode Island.

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