Social media is filled with all sorts of nonsense, but sometimes you come across gold that is just the right amount of nonsense and hilarity. One Taunton man is gaining thousands of views on YouTube for his satirical music videos of Taunton landmarks, from the Silver City Galleria demolition to the attitude you should have on the Taunton Green, but one question remains: who is the man behind these comedic videos?

Shout out to local Facebook groups for providing entertaining content on the daily. “Feeling Mean in the Taunton Green, a 508 Remix” was shared with a community group, and the title alone had me interested. My ears were not prepared for what I heard.

A melancholy sound of a piano plays as a drone flies over the Taunton Green while creator "That’s Bomb TV" sings original lyrics. It’s safe to say his tone is a bit off-key, but it had me laughing, which I can only assume is the purpose of his content.

“Take me down to the Silver City where the Taunton Green is nice and pretty,” sings Bomb TV. “508” is his home, and his comedy seems to be his pastime.

While “Feeling Mean” collected over 1,000 views, his coverage of the Silver City Galleria demolition amassed over 11,000, as he sang a heartfelt goodbye to his hometown’s mall.

This Taunton native’s channel is filled with random content, like video game sessions and vlogs, but a few gems stand out that are sure to bring some comedic relief.

The search continues on figuring out the identity of the man behind the voice.

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