New Bedford Lighting the Way for Renewable Energy
STATE HOUSE, BOSTON — The Blackstone Valley bills itself as the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution, and New Bedford was once a major producer of the whale oil used in lamps and candles.
Now, business groups in those areas are asking lawmakers to boost the state's commitment to renewable…
MA Pols Condemn Electricity Rate Payers To Higher Rates
Wind power is costly to construct, maintain and is not very competitive. European nations have heavily invested and many are coming to see that they've backed the wrong horse. While solar and hydro power's technology seem to be progressing in the right direction, wind power tech breakthrou…
Power Deal Could Be Costly To Ratepayers
After many months of backroom wheeling and dealing the legislative leadership and the Baker Administration have reached an agreement in principle on an energy bill.
While the final details must still be hammered out it is clear that the powerful green energy lobby has won the day with the b…

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