New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell was honored at the U.S. Conference of Mayors Friday.

Mitchell achieved first place in the 2016 Mayors' Climate Protection Awards, which recognizes the efforts of mayors across the country for energy and climate protection.

After recieving the award in Indianapolis, Mayor Mitchell says engaging in sustainable and renewable energy efforts has helped reduce the stigma of New Bedford as a gritty city. "By embracing the green economy in New Bedford, and this is true in many other cities, we're able to say that we're progressive, that we're forward-leaning, we're thinking outside the box, and we're leading in an area that matters not only in New Bedford but across the world," said Mitchell. "It really helps us send the right message about our city and also gives our residents confidence that we can do big things."

In a promotional video, Mitchell touted New Bedford's many cost-saving green initiatives, such as vigorous solar energy production, LED streetlights, and preparedness for the burgeoning offshore wind industry.

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