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Wind power is costly to construct, maintain and is not very competitive. European nations have heavily invested and many are coming to see that they've backed the wrong horse. While solar and hydro power's technology seem to be progressing in the right direction, wind power tech breakthroughs to keep up, are lagging behind in the industry. Yet recently,  Massachusetts legislature has curiously tied the fates of wind power and rate payers by passing a law making it a requirement for power companies to purchase from offshore wind farms.

Local New Bedford state representative Antonio Cabral (D-13th Bristol) was quoted by Boston's WBUR News in June, ""Someday soon energy firms will fly to Massachusetts rather than Houston, Texas, for energy expertise," Cabral said."

Huh? Fly to Massachusetts for what? To visit a place late getting on board with green energies, focusing on the one green energy that is losing ground to others? Why wouldn't people visit Denmark or Germany where the graveyards of wind farms and advanced,  cutting edge solar and hydro power technology advancements both live? Come to Boston to learn where deals with the devil are made with ulterior motives but not exactly the leader on energy's future.

Of course, Cabral, like all the other parrots of the Global Warming theory, says he believes he is doing his part to  stop New Bedford from being under the sea. Not that he used those words but even if he hasn't read as much, the theory states this is a certain fact without drastic action. In fact, ABC News in 2008 promulgated the fear tactics with a "submerged East Coast by 2015", story.

Give MIT their props for making floppy gel solar panels with a bunch of cool, small applications but after that, we are not exactly ground zero of "free stuff" from the sun and Mother Earth.

I am more than fine with the aspect of this bill which brings in a compelled 120 million megawatts annually to our state because it includes hydro from Canada which makes sense. Cabral is not one to brag about his mathematics skills given his tax history and annual deficit spending demands aka, fiscal irresponsibility. He has done his part to steer wind turbine farms offshore here, perhaps thinking New Bedford will garner many of the jobs in the construction of any such farm. I realize he likes our finances to be under water, not the actual grounds of his district though. Who would leave their homes on voting day?!

Even if the jobs angle is somehow true, rates would skyrocket prices be damned as we are now obligated by law to purchase from the inadequacies that pummel wind power news every waking day. Wake up Massachusetts, the Democratic Party is squeezing you a bit more.



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